My Portfolio

Personal Website Projects

These website projects were designed and coded entirely by myself in my spare time.

The Surrealists Website

The Surrealists Website

This website encompasses my love of Surrealism and Surrealist art work. It includes artist biographies and also a selection of images. There are some interesting articles and a Surreal Insult Generator, which is quite fun. Also written in PHP and with a MySQL database backend. The Surrealists Website

A Chatbot

This chatbot, dubbed Spiraleye, took many hours of pacing up and down and a couple of times sitting bolt upright in bed, to perfect. It is written in PHP and has a MySQL backend. It uses an algorithm as it's engine and uses a few logical techniques to simulate conversation. In a similar way to Searle's Chinese room, it does not understand or process language (yet!), so it won't win any Turing awards. It is weak A.I (as opposed to strong A.I that does not yet exist), but it does mostly hold a conversation. You might call it a surrealist Spiraleye Chatbot...

Previous Professional Website Projects

These website projects were coded while working at Granite 5.

Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

Involved for the duration of: Jun 2012 - May 2017
A high profile offline database integration with a WAMP backend, including an MSSQL server where third party T-SQL updates are made to the database. The website serves up member data, allowed members to post news, advertising and events and make changes to their details. As well as code the website, I modelled the database and ensured the correct data was imported/exported from the third party MSSQL system

Casas Cantabricas

Involved for the duration of: Feb 2006 - May 2017
A luxury Spanish holiday website where users can see real-time booking information for accommodation. This project had a legacy CMS, developed over a period of 10 years, which needed to be integrated into a new front end. Both the legacy and new systems had MySQL database backends.

Scotsdales Garden Centre

Involved for the duration of: Oct 2014 - May 2017
This project involved integrating an off the shelf EPOS system with Granite 5's CMS backend. The products were imported via a SOAP XML feed and processed in a robust way to counter any data discrepancies and loss of connectivity or data. The product set was then allowed a set of admin features that could be adjusted daily for pricing, delivery options, special offers and locations. The site was mobile responsive and multi-device compatible.

The National Council for Training Journalists

Involved for the duration of: Mar 2011 - May 2017
This project involved integrating the website MySQL database with a remote MSSQL database server using Pentaho and the in-house CMS built in PHP. The website allowed members to have different roles; students to see up to date exam results, apply for awards and exams and also allows tutors/admin staff to book exams. There was also a time/role limited asset library for exam documents and videos. I was responsible for the technical aspects of the project including specification, architecture and build. I continued to support and develop this website while at Granite 5.